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Rubicon Project delivers a powerful platform for brands to reach their desired audiences, driving unparalleled brand engagement, customer acquisition, and results.


Rich audience data for smarter buying


The only company with top tier independent quality rankings


Top three mobile exchange


​ Reach an estimated 1B consumers worldwide

Guaranteed Orders

Automate Reserved Premium Media Buys

  • Automate the process of negotiating and executing reserved premium media buys
  • Connect with premium sellers directly
  • Reduces execution time, effort and operational cost


  • Clarity and Control: Reach your goals buying targeted audiences at scale with complete clarity and control over the inventory used to reach those users.
  • Real-time Insights: Automation helps create an infinite amount of query-capable audience data and insights which can be used in real-time.
  • Workflow + Execution: Our Guaranteed Orders product combines these two elements in a single interface to provide an end-to-end workflow solution resulting in reduced costs and increased results

Solutions and Services

For DSPs, Agency Trading Desks and Ad Networks

Rubicon Project connects the world’s top buying partners directly to our network of premium publishers and app developers so you can manage all your automated buying – Real-Time Bidding (RTB) to Automated Guaranteed - with services, tools and support purpose-built for your needs

Intent Marketing

Build Brand Awareness and Find New Customers

  • Efficiently find your target audience
  • Full-funnel marketing solutions: build brand awareness, acquire new customers, and re-engage existing customers
  • Leverages the Rubicon Project Intent Marketing data & platform


  • Buy premium audiences through our direct Premium Orders and PMP access
  • Target using our intent and affinity data to drive engagement
  • Measure brand lift, demographic audience guarantees, GRP and in-store lift


  • Target individuals using rich intent data that's updated in milliseconds
  • Our intent and look-alike algorithms find consumers likely to be your next customer
  • Our acquisition program grows the customer base, driving greater top-line revenue and new-to-file customers

Site Retargeting:

  • Leverage the Rubicon Project intent data platform to retarget site visitors with precision
  • Target visitors using Rubicon Project premium inventory and beyond
  • Full dynamic creative, message sequencing and optimization support